listening to god's voice

listening to God’s voice

breakthrough & healing. the words I would use to describe these last few weeks here in mexico. they’ve brought light to areas i didn’t even know were dark, they’ve put to ease my anxiety slowly but surely, I have learned more about God’s voice in the last seven days than I have in my entire life combined. i have been able to look back on life and see all of the places God has been when i thought He was thousands of miles away. In some of my most lonely days, he was there grieving with me. someone said it so eloquently the other day, “I had known Holy Spirit my whole life, i just didn’t know it.” that is how i feel. i look back and see God’s nearness in times when i felt the most isolated, most misunderstood, like I was too much. I see where he spoke promises & life all those years ago, i just had always assumed it was my own thoughts or desires. 

but He never forgets those promises & that is beautiful.

a perfect example of him speaking and not forgetting would be my desire to go to certain parts of asia; when i was younger I dreamt about being in the land and seeing its sights. let’s get a little more specific; i remember being a little kid and  D R E A M I N G  about being a national geographic photographer. I imagined taking photos of people in other countries, photos that were deep, that brought justice, photos that told stories far beyond words ability to. Back to asia; i truly had forgotten about this “random” desire of mine until one of my speakers here on base told the  S A M E  story [minus the photography aspect]. he had dreamt of seeing certain parts of asia as a small child, and as he shared that story, The Lord so sweetly reminded me of my desire as a child to do the same. to see creation from the other side of the world. little did i know, i would be going to the 10/40 window years later.

about a month prior to arriving in mexico, i got a picture from the Lord. which has been the most vivid, out of the blue image i have ever received to date. it was of my future outreach location.  as the picture was downloaded to me, God spoke “outreach location.” ever since receiving that word i trusted deep in my soul that God would make it happen. 

fast forward to week three in dts & it’s time to find out our outreach locations; all fifty students sitting in class anxiously awaiting their possible homes for the next few months. there is excitement in the room but the air is quiet. our school leaders surprise us with the locations a few days earlier than we expected & everyone erupts into cheering. the videos start playing, and as soon as I saw my location pop up on that screen tears were brought to my eyes. i saw God’s promise being fulfilled right before my very eyes. i knew that it was him who spoke and him who made that picture a reality. God keeps His word. He is trustworthy. so, it is with  T O N S  of excitement that I will be going to two countries within the 10/40 window, one of which being the picture Holy Spirit gave! i am still in need of about $3,200 for the two months, but i know it will be provided. ever since the Lord put a dts on my heart, He has provided. & i trust that this time won’t be any different. 

if you have any questions or want to know which countries we will be working in, please don’t hesitate to ask! i am so pumped to keep sharing the incredible stories God has made possible. high five if you think our Father is pretty stinkin’ amazing.

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eternal flame

it was a Sunday night, the room was lit with the warm glow of fairy lights, worship was vacillating between spanish and english, and a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit was in the room. a time of communion with the Creator of the seas and souls that inhabit our earth. as I sway back and forth, praising the one who is worthy to be praised; i spoke something to the Lord. a concern or fear you could say that’s been lingering in my heart for most of my life; “God i want this change to last. i want to be radically healed and grown for your glory.” & i kid you not, not even twenty minutes later i had someone approach me with the words “i got this picture of you from God.” as they began to speak these prophetic words over me, my heart was filled so full and at peace, with the deep assurance these words were from Abba, my Father.

the picture that they got was this; there was a candle- but not one of your average flame and wax kind of candles. no, this candle was different. it was one of those that has the switch on the bottom and is battery operated [so, basically a fake one]. anyway, the candle then turned into a real one, with a real flame. there was then an oil soaked rag close to the candle, it lit on fire and grew into an eternal flame that couldn’t be put out. my prophetic friend then went on to say that he felt like God was saying that the flame resembled the growth within me, that people are already starting to see it take hold and that it’s growing into an eternal flame that can’t be put out. in that moment my fears had subsided- the Hoy Spirit quite literally spoke truth and light over my life through someone else, who stepped out in obedience. i later found out that moments earlier my friend was being prayed over by someone, and they felt like that person had a lot they were holding in. that they weren’t sharing everything The Lord was placing on their hearts. so, in obedience that person spoke that out over my friend, who then was obedient in speaking the picture of the flame over me. that chain effect has changed the trajectory of my story. that was only week one, y’all. so expectant to see the ways in which Holy Spirit will grow & lead me during this season.