as most of you may know, i am about to embark on an I N C R E D I B L E opportunity with youth with a mission (ywam) san diego / baja (sdb). i will be participating in a photo storytelling, discipleship training school; along with other students from all over the world! we will be based in tijuana mexico for the first three months, also know as ‘lecture’ phase and then months four and five will be our ‘outreach’ portion.

so y’all may be wondering, why at twenty six years old did you decide to go back to school and get a certificate? well, the answer is pretty wild. for years i had felt like i was being complacent, comfy, disobedient - you name it- about the calling The Lord had put on my heart. fear drove me, and sometimes still will take hold, resulting in a lack of freedom. F I N A L L Y, i felt such a strong nudge of The Holy Spirit to apply for a dts program.

So, I said ‘alright God, if you want me to do this, then you have got to have someone random bring it up to me. & as expected, four separate people in totally different corners of my friend groups brought it up. they mentioned ywam out of nowhere, they asked me ‘have you ever thought about doing it?’, they suggested the actual school that i then went on to apply for; it was undeniably God moving in my life.

R E S P O N S E ; i then went on to apply for the dts program at ywamsdb and my prayer switched, & it was now:

‘if you want me to go then i’ll get in, & if not then i won’t.’ the decision, logistics, everything was in his hands.

shortly later i get an email confirming my acceptance into the fall quarter & that was the confirmation that my heart needed to know that this is where God is leading me. he didn’t have to make it so clear, but he did and for the first time in a long time my prayers sounded a little more like heaven and a lot less like a christmas wish list.

now comes the fun (actually fun y’all) part, to see God blow my socks right off and show up financially. for someone who has never had an abundance in money, this was new for me. i had seen needs been met in the past financially when i went to uganda, but even still, i doubted. one day a friend suggested having an ‘indie flea’ (glorified garage sale) of all of my stuff and crafts / photos that i was selling. so we did it and i was expecting at the most three hundred dollars… nearly seven hundred dollars later, i walk away in awe & wonder. shortly later my sister suggested doing something similar in my hometown, setting my sights way too low i expected no more than two hundred; five hundred dollars later… these are just a few of the ways that heaven has touched down to earth in this support raising process. with all that to say;

God takes our finite view of His eternal love & expands it infinitely & abundantly more than we could ever begin to comprehend. i think (& know) that my view of Him was W A Y too small. so, in this next season of transition and a new way of life, i believe that Christ is going to graciously remind me of W H O He is & who He says i am.

my prayer for this blog is that it would encourage & remind you that Jesus is not done with you yet, if he could come in and redeem a mess like me, know that there is H O P E & a beautiful story being written for you as well.