local outreach

so each week we have a local ministry night that we do. & mine happens to be at the ranch, tucked away in the mountains of northern mexico. every tuesday evening we make the trek on rugged dirt roads, up to an oasis in the hills; the sun sets just as we are getting there and their begins to get a tinge of coolness that comes with the moon. the ranch is made up of some of the strongest, most resilient men I have ever met. these men have amazing testimonies, stories that some won’t even believe; but they are beautiful because they are theirs. they are filled with hope & redemption. and though life may not always be easy for these men during the week, they continually call themselves and their community higher. each week consists of worship, a sermon, childcare, interviews of the men [for the ranch’s new pamphlet], fellowship, oatmeal, & a whole lot of laughter and translation. the ranch is a rehabilitation center, it is branched off of the church called ‘la roca.’ the ranch invites men who may have been deported from the states for various reasons, it invites men who are trying to live the life that God has called them to, it invites hope. these men are some of the most passionate, gentle, kind, God-fearing guys that I have truly ever met. it is such an honor to do life with them weekly.

this is magdiel, I heard some of his story this past week; he is currently attending the ranch for no other reason than that he wanted to read the Bible more & grow closer to God; incredible. inspiring actually. magdiel’s name means ‘declaring God, or chosen fruit of God.’ & y’all, he is doing just that. in december he actually continues seminary through la roca. would you wanna join with me & pray for these awesome guys, pray for truths to reign; for them to always remember their worth & that they are seen. prayers for their for their ministry; that more men would hear about it, and just that the enemy would have no place there.

here’s magdiel, & just a small glimpse into the beauty that is the ranch on tuesday nights; in sweet, sweet mexico.