“The name is of Greek origin, coming from the Greek word anastasis (ἀνάστασις), meaning "resurrection.”

ever wonder what your name means? well the last few months or so, the Lord has been speaking to me through the meaning of mine.

for most of my life I went by ‘anna’ [as MANY of you know], but over the last year I started introducing myself by my full name, annastasia. the name felt more like ‘me,' as strange as that may sound. I later found out that it means resurrection; which is funny because my whole life I always L O V E D bringing life to things; finding beauty in the mess. little did I know that my name was actually prophesying desires of my life; bring light to darkness, life to desolate, beauty to the broken. God had been preparing & aligning my innermost desires with my name. how stinkin’ cool is that?!

my whole life I have struggled with identity; until recently [& let’s be real, we never fully arrive]. but I have grown. I have been discovering who I was truly created to be, & not living out of what the world expects me to be. I am tasting glimpses of the freedom that lies in identity found within Christ. fear of man no longer has a grip on this free spirit. the old self has died & the new, resurrected.

I hope that I never forget what my name means. that it always points back to the promise of the gospel, to the death & resurrection. that through Christ I always bring life & light wherever I go. that I always leave the atmosphere lighter than when I got there, that lives would be transformed by the One that they see in me.

so I choose resurrection as my anthem.

names are cool, choose them wisely; because they just might dictate how one chooses to live their lives.